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Experimental model based estimation of inputs and parameters for vibro-acoustic system-level predictions

Prompted by the raising awareness of the detrimental impact of noise exposure on human health, the growing need for more silent working and living environments forces the manufacturing industry to properly assess vibro-acoustic system performance. To that end, reliable system-level models are needed, accounting for all relevant sources and transfer paths in the conditions in which the system will eventually operate. Herein, a critical bottleneck is the accuracy of the model inputs and parameters that describe the sources and dissipation mechanisms. Standard characterization techniques typically do not focus on system-level performance and disregard the actual operational conditions. Therefore, in response to a pronounced industrial need, this project will develop a methodology to estimate model inputs and parameters, by combining measurements on dedicated setups with efficient physical models thereof. The retrieved information can then directly be used by system manufacturers and their suppliers in representative system-level models.
Date:1 Apr 2021 →  31 Mar 2024
Keywords:vibro-acoustic system-level models, input and parameter estimation, model based estimation, digital twin
Disciplines:Acoustics, noise and vibration engineering