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Evidence-based patient decision aids to support shared decision making in Belgium

The patient perspective is increasingly considered essential on all levels of healthcare research and decisions. A crucial decision where patient preferences might play a role is at the level of individual medical treatment decision making which when aligned with patients’ needs, preferences, and experiences, will result in higher quality decisions. This can be obtained with Shared Decision Making (SDM) with the support of specific tools termed Patient Decision Aids (PtDAs). However, there is a lack of research that incorporates needs of patients and healthcare professionals in the development of a useful PtDA that improves clinical decisions, aligned with international guidelines. Additionally, there is no evidence regarding the cost-effectiveness of implementing a PtDA in Belgian clinical practice. Lastly, there are no evidence-based policy recommendations on SDM and PtDAs in the Belgian healthcare system. Focusing on the development and testing of a fit-for-purpose PtDA for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), this project will investigate 1) patient-preference methods that are best fitted to be used in the different types of PtDAs, 2) current SDM in IBD practice and stakeholders' needs and 3) the cost-effectiveness of implementing a PtDA in Belgian clinical practice. This project will provide a best-practice methodology and framework for implementation of SDM and PtDAs in the Belgian healthcare context, allowing patients and clinicians to make well-informed shared decisions.

Date:10 Sep 2021 →  Today
Keywords:Patient preferences, Patient preference studies, PREFER, Patient decision aids, Shared decision making
Disciplines:Health management , Health promotion and policy, Primary health care
Project type:PhD project