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Evaluation of the implementation of the local medical-pharmaceutisch consult in Belgium.

Approach In order to evaluate the process of implementation and dissemination of MFO in Belgium, we work in three phases. In the first phase, we explore the views of policy makers and stakeholders regarding the current and future MFO. In a second phase we explore the experiences and opinions of pharmacists and GP's at the local level. And in the third phase, we undertake an action research to enhance the implementation of MFO in Belgium.Research questions Fase 1: What are the views of policy makers and stakeholders on the current MFO policy and procedures? Fase 2: What are the experiences of physicians and pharmacists in the local MFO?  Fase 3: How can the process of MFO be further enhanced?
Date:1 Apr 2018 →  31 Dec 2018
Disciplines:Public health care, Public health sciences, Public health services, Education curriculum