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Evaluating the economic viability of a solution to support independent travelling of persons with disabilities (R-7350)

Because of the ageing population, the number of persons with disabilities (PWD) will increase. They are challenged when travelling independently. However, maintaining outdoor mobility is important to extend the period of high quality living and thus decrease the period when supporting services are necessary. To support outdoor mobility, a solution "Viamigo" is developed to monitor an individual in real-time form a distance. The goal is that people with communication problems (i.e. the users) are taught a known route, which they can accomplish idependently afterwards while being monitored by a personal 'coach' (e.g. caregiver, family member, friend). The overall goal of this project is to get more insight into the future business opportunities and into the final economic viability of Viamigo. Therefore the project will (a) establish a living lab of active users, (b) quantitatively assess the business opportunities and (c) develop the economically most feasible growth path.
Date:1 Sep 2016  →  31 Aug 2017
Keywords:persons with disabilities, Travel behaviour
Disciplines:Infrastructure, transport and mobility engineering, Applied economics, Economic history, Macroeconomics and monetary economics, Microeconomics, Tourism