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European Union, United States and global governance: major trends and challenges.

The aim of this project is (i) to stimulate ground-breaking discussions on major trends and challenges which both EU and US governments and societies are facing, (ii) to scrutinise the prospects for global governance of these challenges, and (iii) to provide governments and policy-makers with a clear view on how the EU and US can jointly contribute to global solutions. The project's work programme is threeforld, and will consist of: ° Mapping of relevant actors in the field (to be invited to the forum) and of relevant challenges to be addressed (during the forum) in the subfields of 'peace and security', 'energy', 'climate change', 'migration', 'trade, finance and political economy', and 'human rights and rule of law'. ° Organisation of a two-day forum in Brussels (Belgium), with expert workshops on the abovementioned subfields and plenary sessions on the prospects for global governance. ° Preparation and dissemination of both a report (containing written contributions of the experts and a synthesis of the discussions during the forum) and a joint publication (edited volume on the basis of revised expert contributions and selected papers). Both publications will be uploaded on the forum website.
Date:15 Jul 2009  →  31 Mar 2010
Keywords:United States, European Union, Global governance, Publications, Forum, Mapping, Transatlantic relations, Trends and challenges
Disciplines:Applied economics, Economic history, Macroeconomics and monetary economics, Microeconomics, Tourism