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The Ethics of Human Enhancement: A Critical Assessment of the Pursuit of Perfection

In this dissertation, we aim to understand, analyse and ethically evaluate the phenomenon of Human Enhancement, which is a relentless striving towards perfection, with a view to evolve better people. In the first part of the dissertation we will try to find a good definition of the notion of Human Enhancement. This is a highly contested subject requiring different types of distinctions. In the second part, we attempt to ethically assess Human Enhancement from various perspectives - mainly based on the philosophical theories/thoughts of Julian Savulescu, Michael J. Sandel, Jürgen Habermas, Peter Sloterdijk, Nick Bostrom, and Bill McKibben. We will develop utilitarian and #dignity#-arguments and we will have to take a stance in the debate about the status of the notion of HumanNature. In the third part, we try to make an intercultural comparison of Western and Eastern perspectives on Human Enhancement, as this moral issue is very much connected to one#s religious, social and cultural contexts as well. We conclude this thematic cum critical study with an explication of our own understanding of this moral and socio-political issue,from our own philosophical, religious and cultural background.
Date:17 Nov 2011  →  3 Dec 2015
Disciplines:Ethics, Other philosophy, ethics and religious studies not elsewhere classified, Theory and methodology of philosophy, Philosophy
Project type:PhD project