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Epimerases as new tools for the production of rare sugars: a powerful integration of enzyme engineering and systems biocatalysis (3F025516)

In this project we aim to develop new pathways for the biocatalytic synthesis of rare sugars and derivatives. To that end, various enzymes will be optimized by protein engineering and then combined in a one-pot reaction vessel. The process starts from sucrose as abundant and renewable resource and allows obtaining the target products with high yields and minimal costs.

Date:1 Oct 2016  →  31 Aug 2020
Keywords:sugars, enzyme engineering, Epimerase
Disciplines:Industrial biotechnology, Medical biochemistry and metabolism, Biological system engineering, Separation and membrane technologies, Environmental engineering and biotechnology, General chemical and biochemical engineering, Biomechanical engineering, Other (bio)medical engineering, Biomaterials engineering, Other (bio)chemical engineering, Other biotechnology, bio-engineering and biosystem engineering, Systems biology, Transport phenomena, Biochemistry and metabolism, Chemical product design and formulation, Process engineering, Catalysis and reacting systems engineering