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Environmental taxation in China, Belgium and the EU: effectiveness, sides and mutual learning points.

In the previous collaboration project, we have learned that the two countries are interesting to compare, due to the similatities and (particularly) the substantial differences between the two countries. The remaining interesting questions are which would be the impact of all the different policy choices on important questions as social and financial (re)distribution, international competitiveness and carbon leakage and political feasibility. With this collaborative research project, the involved teams will study four issues that are related to the introduction and the impact of Environmental Tax Reform (ETR): 1. ETR in China and Belgium: design, choice of instruments and coordination with other environmental policies. 2. Tax incidence of environmentally related taxation in China and Belgium. 3. Competitiveness and the double dividend of ETR for China and Belgium. 4. Social and institutional issues of ETR in China, the EU and Belgium.
Date:1 Apr 2011 →  31 Mar 2014
Keywords:Environmental tax reform, Green tax reform, Comparative, Belgium, Environmentally related taxation, Climate change, Environmentally related taxes, China, theme_climateandsd, theme_welfarestate
Disciplines:Applied economics, Economic history, Macroeconomics and monetary economics, Microeconomics, Tourism