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Energetics of oscillating loops in simulations of the solar atmosphere

The Sun and its atmosphere have been extensively studied ever since the development of modern Astrophysics, since they are the source of major space-weather events that impact life on Earth. One of the open questions of solar physics is what sustains the multimillion degree temperature of the solar corona, which is the upper layer of the solar atmosphere. Recent observations have shifted the focus to the interaction between different layers of the lower solar atmosphere, with new computational methods being developed to improve the current models. Understanding the exact interplay of plasma across the different layers of the solar atmosphere, is essential in determining the exact heating mechanism of the solar corona. This proposal will numerically study the response of the lower solar atmosphere to waves and oscillations in the solar corona, and the effects of the resulting evaporation and condensation of plasma. We will perform high resolution, three dimensional simulations of decayless oscillations in coronal loops, using state-of-the-art technics to resolve the lower solar atmosphere. The effects of strong drivers and the generation of instabilities on our oscillating loops will be considered. Finally, we will create synthetic data and compare with observations, testing the validity of our findings.

Date:1 Nov 2020 →  Today
Keywords:Solar atmosphere, magnetohydrodynamic waves, Numerical simulations
Disciplines:Space plasma physics and solar physics