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Empirical Foundations for Logical Geometry: A Database of Aristotelian Diagrams

Aristotelian diagrams have been used for centuries in philosophy, and nowadays they also find applications in linguistics, artificial intelligence, etc. The burgeoning field of logical geometry systematically studies Aristotelian diagrams as objects of independent interest, dealing with their logical, combinatorial, diagrammatic and geometric properties, and discerning broader trends in their usage across time and across disciplines. So far, logical geometry has developed and tested its theories based on a limited set of well-known diagrams from canonical sources. The proposed project will provide a solid empirical foundation for logical geometry, by developing a comprehensive database of Aristotelian diagrams in the literature. This database will help us to avoid armchair theorizing: by forcing us to take the full diversity of Aristotelian diagrams into account, it will lead to refinements to existing theories as well as to entirely new insights. The database will be publicly accessible online, and will constitute an invaluable research tool for the logical geometry community.
Date:1 Oct 2018  →  Today
Keywords:philosophical logic, logical geometry, Aristotelian diagram, square of opposition, practice-based philosophy of logic
Disciplines:Other philosophy, ethics and religious studies not elsewhere classified, Theory and methodology of philosophy, Philosophy, Ethics, General pedagogical and educational sciences, Communication sciences