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Embedded AI Techniques for Industrial Applications

The project has the specific objective of improving accessibility to embedded AI technology among Flemish SMEs. This is done through the elaboration of 4 case studies (KPI2), in which a demonstrator is built in four application domains that are relevant for Flemish and European SMEs. These domains are:

Embedded Security for intrusion detection in network routers

-Smart Sensing: for improving sensor accuracy and detection of anomalies

-Automotive and Mobile Robots: Machine Vision for Mobile Systems

-Industry 4.0: to promote predictive maintenance

Through these 4 demonstrator studies, the applicants want to find 80 unique companies and social profit organizations that indicate that they will apply the knowledge of the TETRA project, 3 courses and practicals will be thoroughly adapted in function of the project results and 80 students will be through internships, final projects and bachelor's trials involved in the project.

Date:1 Sep 2019  →  Today
Keywords:embedded security for intrusion detection in network routers, smart sensing, machine vision for mobile systems, predictive maintenance
Disciplines:Computer system security , Smart sensors, Artificial intelligence not elsewhere classified