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Electron beam lithography system combining nanometer size writing capabilities with high quality imaging/inspection of (written) nanostructures

Nanoscience has proven to be invaluable in addressing recent technological challenges and, without doubt, it will be for the future years. Materials with new functionalities are created by designing and implementing the proper nanoscale confinement for charges, spins and photons, respectively. The applicability of these materials ranges from energy harvesting, healthcare and information technology, to name just a few. At the KULeuven different research groups investigate the possible impact and or/use of downscaling materials into the nanometer range. In order to compete, it is of utmost importance to have a nanofabrication facility with unmatched resolution. Moreover, the diversity of interesting nanosystems ranges from single building blocks to arrays of these nanoblocks. Therefore, fabrication flexibility is an important necessity for researchers. This electron beam lithography system combines nanometer size writing capabilities with high quality imaging/inspection of the written nanostructures. The versatility of the machine allows researchers of different disciplines to fabricate complex nanoscale structures needed in their research.

Date:10 Sep 2014 →  9 Mar 2019
Keywords:Electron beam lithography
Disciplines:Classical physics, Elementary particle and high energy physics, Other physical sciences