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The Effect of Economic Indicators on Voting Behaviour

There are different factors that influence the voting behaviour of voters. One of the factors that will play an important role during the elections of 2024 will be the economy by the persistent inflation, energy crisis, ... In order to measure the effect of these economic indicators, use will be made of the economic voting theory, which consists of 3 dimensions, namely valence, positional and patrimonial economic voting. Each dimension looks at the economy from a different angle and as such gives an image as complete as possible. This theory will allow to research if importance of the economic indicators will have increased during these elections compared to the previous ones and also if there are differences between the different social classes. Moreover, also the possible differences in economic voting in Flanders and the Walloon area will be looked at. As such, the importance of the economic indicators throughout time can be measured, but also between the social classes and the Dutch and French speaking parts of Belgium.

Date:1 Jan 2023 →  Today
Keywords:economic voting, voting behaviour
Disciplines:Voting behaviour
Project type:PhD project