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The effect and function of soft skills within the entrepreneurial family. (R-13351)

Soft skills are more important today than ever. Unlike hard skills, soft skills are not a tangible knowledge that can be learned in books. Soft skills are seen as qualities that you cannot simply adopt, which are given great importance within the job market today. In fact, soft skills can play a major role in your performance, as they are a critical factor in today's workplace. There are obviously numerous soft skills, but especially the soft skills such as communication and growth mindset within family businesses, seem interesting to take a closer look at for several reasons. We already know that the operation and culture within family businesses is very different from that of traditional businesses, but the implications and roles soft skills play here are not clear. For family businesses and business families, there are special dynamics at play that may cause soft skills to have a different effect than in a traditional organization. Soft skills have gained tremendous importance in recent years, which makes their evolution interesting to study. How it has progressed through generations, its importance within family businesses, how it can or cannot contribute to performance, its fundamental difference from traditional organizations.... These are just some of the questions that will be examined and answered in a qualitative way.
Date:16 Sep 2022 →  Today
Keywords:Family business, soft skills
Disciplines:Business administration, Business management, Organisation and management theory, Strategic management