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Educational innovation in communication training in medical education

Communication training is an important part of medical education and includes training in person-oriented communication, shared decision-making, motivational interviewing, feedback, etc. The didactic standard in communication training is still experience-based learning in various forms, including small group sessions and role plays. The use of alternative didactic forms in education, such as digital tools, artificial intelligence, multidisciplinary forms of collaboration and feedback techniques, increases. In this research project we want to investigate the impact of innovative educational methods on communication training of medical students in the bachelor's program. In addition, we want to investigate what context is needed for effectively implementing innovative tools and identify barriers and facilitators.

Date:1 Jan 2024 →  Today
Keywords:educational innovation, medicine, cooperative learning, feedback, higher education, digital technologies, communication skills, motivational interviewing
Disciplines:Educational technology, Science and health communication
Project type:PhD project