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ECO-Life: Sustainable Zero Carbon ECO-Town Developments Improving Quality of Life across EU (ECO-LIFE)

In three European countries (Belgium, Denmark and Lithuania), urban areas are transformed into sustainable zero-carbon communities. Innovative energy efficiency measures and technologies with 100% renewable energy sources are demonstrated and integrated in an overall sustainable neighbourhood design. The building physics section of Ghent University leads the energy monitoring and performance assessment of the communities, buildings and technologies (http://www.ecolife-project.eu/index.html).

Date:1 Jan 2010 →  30 Jun 2016
Keywords:building services, residential buildings, buildingphysics, district heating, rational use of energy, renewable energy, sustainable building, zero-energy, zero-carbon, energy monitoring, energy performance assessment, quality assurance tests, neighbourhoods, passive house
Disciplines:Power electronics, Architectural engineering, Art studies and sciences, Building engineering, Energy generation, conversion and storage engineering, Architecture, Interior architecture, Architectural design