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Eastbound. The distribution and reception of translations and adaptations of Dutch-language literature, 1850-1990.

Eastbound aims to give insight into the complex mechanism of bringing literature into circulation in a transnational context, and to challenge the hierarchy between centre and periphery in literary space. The project also discusses phenomena of cultural identity change during the circulation process. The project will investigate the translation and adaptation history of frequently translated oeuvres from Flemish and Dutch literature into German (PhD sub-project), on the one hand, and into three East-Central European languages (sub-project carried out by a post-doc), on the other. The tracing of the international careers of Flemish and Dutch literature will provide insight into the international cultural networks and ‘trade routes’ in which the Netherlands and Flanders were involved between 1850 and 1990. The project focuses not only on textual derivatives, but also on adaptations into other media.

Date:6 Oct 2016  →  6 Oct 2020
Keywords:circulation of literature, reception, German language area, translations, Dutch-language literature
Disciplines:Literary translation, Scientific, technical and literary translation, World history, Literatures in Dutch, Literatures in German
Project type:PhD project