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Dynamical Systems, Control and Optimization (120C0507)

One of the features of the systems and control discipline is that it is an interdisciplinary research area with some specific features and methodologies of its own. The systems approach and the ever-present notion of feedback are two such features. Basic research is being performed in several disciplines (nonlinear dynamics, modelling, identification, and model-predictive, robust and optimal control) applied to ever increasing array of other disciplines: environmental systems, communication systems, robotics, networks graph theory, computer science, biological and biomedical systems.

Date:1 Jan 2007  →  31 Mar 2012
Keywords:optimisation, modelling, control
Disciplines:Information sciences, Programming languages, Distributed computing, Control systems, robotics and automation, Applied mathematics in specific fields, Mechatronics and robotics, Visual computing, Scientific computing, Theoretical computer science, Other information and computing sciences, Artificial intelligence, Design theories and methods, Computer theory, Computer architecture and networks, Information systems, Cognitive science and intelligent systems