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Doctoral Researcher in Information Management: Teaching Modelling Skills in the BPMN formalism and improving the e-learning approaches to teaching the skill

'A picture is worth more than a thousand words' may be said of Business Process Models. Modelling skill is equally crucial to understand, analyze, design and communicate processes. But currently, the scientific knowledge is too abstract and lacking regarding the common errors of such models and education of the novice modellers to avoid them. Hence, this project seeks to create a taxonomy of common errors, relying on an extensive dataset of designed models. Consequently, the formative assessment shall be developed to adapt the training to the learning styles of the novice modellers. Finally, an e-learning path is constructed to provide effective teaching via e-learning and Learning Management Systems in particular. This research project's theoretical and practical implications extend the current body of knowledge of information science, BPMN and e-learning.

Date:9 Nov 2021 →  Today
Keywords:BPMN, Teaching, e-learning, modelling skill
Disciplines:Data models
Project type:PhD project