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Doctoral program of auditory quanta in English

In this research, we study the mechanism for monaural edge pitch (MEP) generated by band-limited noise. We found that 1) Auditory nerve (AN) fibers with characteristic frequency (CF) near the edge frequency of the broadband noise stimuli show a periodicity in their inter-spike intervals (ISI) which is close to the edge frequency. 2) This dominant periodicity shows trend that are similar to MEP measured psychoacoustically. It is most prominently present for low MEP frequency (500 Hz) and less for high MEP frequency (2k Hz). 3) Firing rate of AN fibers is usually largest for the edge frequency slightly offset from CF, and may provide another pitch cue. 

Date:10 Sep 2018  →  Today
Disciplines:Neurosciences, Biological and physiological psychology, Cognitive science and intelligent systems, Developmental psychology and ageing
Project type:PhD project