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DNA of urbanization: the early urban settlement of Antwerp, late 9th-11th century. (VLOV110)

The archaeological research of the D-shaped castle zone in Antwerp has provided unique information about the genesis of a medieval city over the past 10 years. It concerns information about production and craftsmanship, import and trade, the layout of the space and urbanity in a special 'castle' context. The sites offer unique data on a European scale and thus opportunities for insights into what a city and urbanity are, before they take on their well-known late medieval form. By means of further research, synthesis and international comparisons, we can put the significance of Antwerp sites and data on the international map as well as translate it to today's urban dwellers.
Date:3 Dec 2018 →  25 May 2020
Keywords:Urbaniztion, Early urban settlement, History
Disciplines:Historical archaeology