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A discursive perspective on educational innovation

This project is in line with a research line within the Centre for Educational Innovation and the Development of Teacher and School (CIDTS) that starts from a discursive perspective on educational practices. An interest in what (written and spoken) language does is central. We are not interested in a fine-grained linguistic analysis of language use, but in how meaning is given to the educational reality through language (for example, looking at a problem or a situation from a certain perspective, which can be a preliminary to possible solutions, who does what (or doesn’t) etc.). The aim of this project is to study concrete practices of educational innovation and policy implementation at different levels (micro, meso and macro level) within Flemish education from these discursive perspectives. This might include the policy on inclusive education and differentiation.

Date:1 Oct 2020  →  Today
Keywords:Educational innovation
Disciplines:Macrolevel instructional sciences, Mesolevel instructional sciences, Microlevel instructional sciences
Project type:PhD project