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"Dire (l')io, dire il vero, dire" in Italian Hypermodernity. The interactions among writings of "Personal Experience” and the Essayistic Writing in the Ego-Essayistic Novel. Case-studies from Rea, Siti, and Wu Ming 2 and Antar Mohamed

My research is focused on hybrid forms of Italian narrative, in particular on the Ego-Essayistic Novel. This form results from the interaction between essayistic writing and the autobiographical, biographical or diaristic writings (Writings of «Personal Experience»; it is also represented by the developments of the novel-essay. Over the last few decades the novel-essay has experienced a new structural hybridisation with the forms of autobiography, biography, diary and «extra-artistic semi-literary narrations» such as investigative reports and thematic reportages. Using the novel genre’s ability to incorporate different discursive registers and genres, this agglutinating process – nowadays operative in the contemporary Italian narrative (see Palumbo Mosca 2014, Marchese 2018) – has produced what I define as the Ego-Essayistic Novel. The corpus of my research consists of narrative texts adopting a typically non fictional manners of writing and displaying an authorial ‘I’ which can look critically at both inner and outer realities. The case-studies on which I will focus are E. Rea’s Mistero napoletano (1995), W. Siti’s Troppi paradisi (2006) and Wu Ming 2 and Antar Mohamed’s Timira. Romanzo meticcio (2012). This project has been conceived within the critical framework of the ipermoderno. Each of these texts represents the prototype of an accurate phase of Ipermoderno among fiction and not fiction. The main purposes of this research: to enucleate and describe the peculiarities of the Ego-Essayistic Novel as a form combining essayistic writing and personal accounts; to fill the void in Italian critical theory about the existence of a narrative style active in contemporary Italian literature.

Date:30 Sep 2020  →  Today
Keywords:Ipermoderno, Hypermodernity, Autobiography, Biography, Diary, Essay
Disciplines:Biography, Contemporary literature, Literatures in Italian, Modern literature, Narratology, Literary studies not elsewhere classified
Project type:PhD project