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DIAQUANT will develop quantum sensors (diamond sensors) and imagers for the detection and processing of the spatial and time-dependent distributions of external fields, with an unsurpassed ratio of sensitivity and compactness. The sensors can be controlled quickly, adjusted in size to the size of micro and nano circuits, temperature independent, with low power consumption and independent of ambient noise.
Quanturn sensors and imagers bring revolutionary sensor technology to detect magnetic fields, their gradients and intertional forces, because their sensitivity is determined by the massless nature of the quantum states such as the electron spins of the NV color centers in diamond or their nuclear spins.
The quantum readout makes it possible to realize a direct decoupling of external electromagnetic noise, which is a huge problem for classical technologies where advanced external shield methods have to be used.
Finally, the quantum way for detection, using spin projection protocols, can also switch off any temperature dependency, which is an important advantage of DIAQUANT sensors.

Date:1 Jan 2018  →  Today
Keywords:quantum (diamant) sensoren en imagers, detectie en erwerking van externe velden, gevoelig en compact, sensortechnologie
Disciplines:Nuclear physics