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Development of a modular product-architecture for wearable EEG headsets (Ctrl-Mind).

Brain computer interfaces (BCIs) enable the user to control his or her environment directly, omitting the need for speech and/or bypassing the neuro‐muscular system. The BCI market is expected to have an annual growth of 15% the forthcoming decade. Non‐invasive BCIs, based on caption of EEG signals, have an expected share of 40% of this grow market. Current R&D roadmaps mainly focus on technology development and – adaptation. One of the key facilitators to unlock this market, complementary to current roadmaps, is the development of user –friendly wearable EEG headsets. This POC project responds to this opportunity by combining two innovative R&D aspects. We combine 1) state‐of‐the art parametric design methods for using statistical shape models of the human body (3D anthropometry) in product development (3D ergonomics) with 2) an innovative system for automatic electrode positions, to construct an architecture for wearable EEG‐headsets that is modular, in the sense that the design allows for various embodiments in function of target population and BCI‐application. The resulting development platform will allow exploitation in a B2B setting in the abovementioned growing BCI market.
Date:1 Jul 2017 →  30 Jun 2018
Disciplines:Biomechanics, Morphological sciences, Neurosciences, Biological and physiological psychology, Cognitive science and intelligent systems, Developmental psychology and ageing