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Development of hyphenated chromatographic and multiplexed electrophoretic platforms for the separation of complex bio-molecular and bio-therapeutic samples (01DI4714)

The project is aimed at the development of hyphenated chromatographic and

capillary electrophoretic platforms for improved analysis of complex biomolecular

samples. HPLC and SEC fractions are collected and reanalyzed

simultaneously on multi-capillary electrophoresis systems. The combination of

chromatographic with electrophoretic separations allows for much more

orthogonal separation than is the case with U+201CconventionalU+201D LCxLC separations.

Date:1 Sep 2014  →  31 Aug 2015
Keywords:multiplexed capillary, electrophoresis, oligonucleotides, LCxCE, cell membranes, lipids
Disciplines:Pharmaceutical analysis and quality assurance, Biochemistry and metabolism, Medical biochemistry and metabolism, Systems biology, Analytical chemistry