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Development of a decision support system for better control of mycotoxins in maize pits (179V78015)

Because of the great sensitivity of maize for toxigenic fungi (i.a. Fusarium fungi) is the probability that maize pits geconeerd with mycotoxins are real. Moreover, other feed components in more or less contaminated with mycotoxins so detoxifiërende capacity re ruminal flora worn out. This capacity is probably overestimated in the past because they include not take into account the productivity of livestock (feed in rumen retention time decreases with increasing production). As a result, escape mycotoxins to degradation in the rumen and they can be absorbed in the duodenum. The number of reports of mycotoxin problems in dairy cattle from practice is therefore increasing. The Project aims to tackle these problems through corn pits, considering this is the main forage component of the diet of cattle, and this is not covered by a sectoral sampling or audit plan, eg. In compound feed.

Date:1 Jan 2016  →  31 Dec 2019
Keywords:maize pits, mycotoxins
Disciplines:Agricultural plant production, Horticultural production, Plant biology