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Development and validation of two-dimensional gas chromatographic methods for analysis of essential oils

Most of the essential oils on the market are not commercialised as pharmaceutical products. As a result, quality control of these products is rather poor or even not existing. Seen their price, they are often prone to adulterations. Items to be checked are confirmation of the presence (identity and quantity) of certain ingredients (markers, as much as possible, not only the main ones), as well as the absence of others (cheaper alternatives, added chemicals, contaminants, etc.). The storage of essential oils is also not always appropriate, for instance when leaching plastic containers are used. Some of these essential oils are also marketed as mixtures of several oils, making quality control even more complicated. Hence, reliable analytical techniques are mandatory. During this project, 2D gas chromatography (GC) as multidimensional separation technique will be explored with the intention to develop a generic method which can be used in routine analysis of such samples.

Date:15 Mar 2021 →  Today
Keywords:Pharmaceutical Analysis
Disciplines:Analytical separation and detection techniques
Project type:PhD project