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Development and validation of a bona fide iPSC derived human neuronal infection model to evaluate antivirals targeted against neurotropic viral infections.

Neurotropic viral infections continue to cause major disease and economic burden. Such infections are most commonly caused by herpesviruses, arboviruses and enteroviruses, often leading to severe neurological damage with poor clinical outcomes. The search for interventions to prevent and/or treat these infections is however challenging. The main reason for this is the nature of the target cells, neurons, which are chiefly non-renewable and drastically differ from other cells (or cell lines). Discovery of novel antivirals via the classically performed research with cell lines, is not appropriate for viruses that infect neurons. Highly specialized, bona fide, human neuronal culture models are imperative. With this project, we will develop specialized neuronal cultures aimed at higher throughput antiviral screening.
Date:1 May 2022 →  30 Apr 2023
Disciplines:Infectious diseases, Virology