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Development and organization of a training on sexual violence for health care workers at Belgian hospitals

Sexual violence is a public health problem worlwide affecting many people in Belgium as well. With this training for health care workers in Belgian hospitals we aim to contribute to a better identification, treatment and referral of victims of acute and non-acute sexual violence. The training consists of 3 moduels: sexual violence identification, holistic care for victims of acute and non-acute sexual vioelnce in Belgian hospitals and case discussions/supervision. This training focuses on healthcare workers (doctors, midwives, nurses,U+2026) from key departments in hospitals (emergency ward, gynaeco, uro, gastro, pediatrics, geriatrics, psychiatry, social service, liaison) but is open to any fuction/service.  Given COVID-19 the modules are being offered as online webinars in Dutch and in French. 

Date:1 Jan 2020 →  28 Feb 2021
Keywords:comprenhensive health care, sexual violence, hospitals, health care workers, training
Disciplines:Mental healthcare services, Emergency medicine, Family care, Gynaecology, Public health care not elsewhere classified, Psychiatry and psychotherapy not elsewhere classified