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Development and construction of 25 wave energy converter scale models for large-scale experimental testing in a wave basin (31523712)

Development and construction of the 25 point absorber wave energy converter (WEC) scale models, used during the international research project U+2018WECwakesU+2019. The WEC-models have been used for large-scale experimental testing in the DHI U+2018Shalow Water Wave BasinU+2019 (Denmark) within the EU-FP7-Programme, U+2018HYDRALAB-IVU+2019. This experimental set-up of 25 WECs in a farm layout is at present the largest, worldwide, studying WEC farm near-field and far-field wake effects.

Date:1 Jan 2012  →  31 Dec 2014
Keywords:WEC near-field effects, point absorbers, DHI Shalow Water Wave Basin, model development, reneable energy, wave basin, green energy, WEC farms, wave energy converters, WEC far-field effects, model construction, WEC (farm) wake effects, WEC, laboratory tests, WECwakes research project, HYDRALAB-IV, wave energy
Disciplines:Ceramic and glass materials, Power electronics, Other engineering and technology, Semiconductor materials, Wind engineering, Energy generation, conversion and storage engineering, Geotechnical and environmental engineering, Earthquake engineering, Biological system engineering, Materials science and engineering, Other materials engineering, Water engineering, Construction engineering