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Development of advanced osteoinductive stimuli-responsive core/shell nanocarriers for use in bone tissue regeneration. (R-10010)

The great potential of stem cells to promote bone repair has led to significant advances in the development of new materials to mediate stem cell differentiation and fate. However, the formulation of advanced materials that allow the controlled release of regulatory factors to mediate stem cell differentiation and signaling events remains very challenging. This project addresses this need via the development of multifunctional responsive core/shell nanocarriers that orchestrate a coordinated response at the single cell level via the controlled release of osteogenic growth factors to enhance bone tissue regeneration. Therefore, nanocarriers with core/shell morphology are formed by specific combinations of responsive polymers, that can be triggered endogenously and at the same time offer surface functional groups for anchoring on the implant surface. Furthermore, the osteogenic properties of human dental pulp-derived stem cells upon controlled release of osteogenic growth factors are examined. In addition, the potential use of core/shell nanocarriers to positively influence the nanotopographical properties of titanium implants to promote cellular differentiation and signaling events for better osseointegration will be evaluated. Succinctly put, this project will not only have implications for nanocarrier-mediated cell-based treatments of bone defects, but offers a multifunctional material design concept that paves the way for other innovations in (regenerative) medicine.
Date:1 Jan 2020  →  Today
Keywords:Core/Shell nanocarriers, Dual stimuli-responsiveness, Stem Cell Defferentiation
Disciplines:Nanobiotechnology, Diagnostic radiology, Anatomy, Histology, Tissue engineering