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Designer centric computational design synthesis.

The project aims at enhancing CDS methods and prototype tools to support (i) the identification of the most influential design parameters in the conceptual design phase of mechatronic systems, (ii) computationally efficient robust optimization (taking into account uncertainties – both on parameters of the system under design as on parameters of systems interacting with the system under design; as well as model approximations) leading to a set of robustly optimal design candidates (rather than THE one optimal design), and (iii) efficient performance analysis and visualisation of both topology and performance of this (potentially large) large set of design candidates. The focus will be on the synthesis of conceptual design candidates of (controlled) drivetrain components and systems, where complexity predominantly originates from the interaction between possible combinations of components and design parameters.

Date:1 Apr 2019  →  Today
Keywords:mechatronic systems, drivetrain, conceptul design, performance, optimization, computationally
Disciplines:Mechatronics and robotics not elsewhere classified