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Design methods and computational tools for delay based vibration control

Recently novel techniques for vibration absorption, which involve the use of delayed resonators, have been developed and successfully applied to flexible mechatronic systems. The aim of the PhD project is to analyze properties of poles and zeros of multi-input multi-output systems with delays, and to develop optimization based control design techniques, grounded in simultaneously shaping spectra of poles and zeros, and capable to solve co-design problems of absorbers and higher-level controllers. The requirement for solving co-design problems stems from the property that for future-generation delay based vibration suppression techniques, a separation principle allowing a separate design of absorbers and controllers, is no longer viable, necessitating fundamentally different design tools. This is the case for the concept of non-collocated vibration suppression, which serves as a benchmark to steer the methodological and computational developments in the project.
Date:22 Mar 2021  →  Today
Keywords:Resonators, Input Shapers, Time Delay Systems, Vibration suppression
Disciplines:Dynamics, vibration and vibration control, Automation, feedback control and robotics , Calculus of variations and optimal control, optimisation
Project type:PhD project