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Design and implementation of a Webbased Multimedia Database on the church organs of the Philippines.

The first goal of this project is the design of an optimal database structure for a quite specific cultural patrimonium: the church/pipe organs of the Philippines. Based on the relatively small size of this organ inventory, a proof-of-concept is developed, which can be extended later into larger scale cultural sceneries, such as the Flemish church/pipe organs. There is currently no standard solution know in the literature for the complex combination of issues such as the history of the instruments, mutations and restaurations, documents as well as multimedia materials (pictures, movies, sound materials), which urge a specific database design. Current DBMS techologies (Relationa, OO, XML) will be evaluated on their usability for these problems. The design will also be implemented for the Philippines church/pipe organs, which will in turn give more exposure to this rather unknown cultural patrimonium. The data entry and handling of source materials in the local languages (Tagalog & Visayas) will be done on a voluntary basis by Ms. A. Cabiara (Dipolog PH).
Date:1 Feb 2008  →  31 Jan 2011
Keywords:Philippines, Object-oriented, XML, Pipe organ, Relational, Multimedia, Church, Database
Disciplines:Applied mathematics in specific fields, Art studies and sciences, Information sciences, Other information and computing sciences, Library sciences