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Deradicalizing the city. Policy assemblage, security and the question of belonging in Brussels.

This research project seeks to examine how the current ‘war on terror’ and the policies of deradicalization impact and actively reconfigure institutional discourses and practices on urban insecurity, and whether and how it fundamentally reshapes notions of belonging and the experience of in/security among the residents of these neighborhoods. By adopting an interdisciplinary perspectives, which combines the expertise of geography, anthropology and creative action-research, this proposal seeks to unfold whether and how notions of urban security are transformed in this context. The blue sky value of this research lies not only in the exploration of previously uncharted terrains, but also in the quest for creative methods to think together with the residents about security and 'belonging' in the age of the 'war on terror'.
Date:1 Oct 2020 →  Today
Keywords:Diversity, Belonging, Urban security, Radicalization
Disciplines:Social geography, Artistic design not elsewhere classified, Social and cultural anthropology