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Demonstrating lower polluting solutions for sustainable airports across Europe (TULIPS).

Airports will play a major role in transition towards climate neutral aviation. Sustainable energy production and use (both airside and landside) as well as a shift towards greener multi-modal transport options will reduce GHG emissions and improve local air quality around airports. Bringing together a highly competent and complementary consortium of 29 partners supported by an external advisory board, TULIPS will accelerate the implementation of innovative and sustainable technologies towards lower emissions at airports. At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol alone, TULIPS will realise an estimated 800kT/year CO2 savings based on the sum of the expected benefits of the 17 demonstrations by 2025 with further savings scaled with technology roll out. 17 real-life demonstrations of green airport innovations (technological, non-technological and social) will be performed at the Lighthouse Schiphol, and some also at fellows Oslo, Turin and Larnaca airport. Measuring and quantifying benefits and forecasting their impact on EU climate goals should they be implemented extensively across European airports, results in hands-on robust roadmaps which present how these technologies and concepts should be deployed to different sized airports (international hubs down to regional level) considering economic, geographical, and political scenarios across Europe and beyond. Topics covered include a) improved multi-modal shift for passengers and freight, reduce traffic congestion and offer seamless green travel options, b) improved airside infrastructure for future electric/hybrid aircraft infrastructure, c) smart energy solutions to manage airport operations, d) integrating hydrogen fuel cell technology into current ground support equipment, e) enabling large scale supply of SAF fuel along with the preparation of an EU clearing house, f) circular economy, and g) UFP mitigation.
Date:1 Jan 2022 →  Today
Disciplines:Transport economics
Project type:Collaboration project