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Degradation of pharmaceuticals pollutants in wastewater via catalytic activation of periodate using transitional metal single-atoms decorated biochar

The central objective of this proposal is to design, synthesize and implement cutting-edge transition metal single-atom catalysts (i.e., Fe and Cu) embedded on walnut shell biochar (SACs@B) for the efficient catalytic activation of periodate(PI) for the degradation of pharmaceuticals pollutants (PhACs). To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study concerning the activation of PI using SACs@B for the removal of contaminants of emerging concern in (waste)water. To reach the central objective, this project has been subdivided into several sub-objectives. (1) Development of detailed and innovative protocols and the synthesis of novel biochar catalysts, and SACs@B for the efficient activation of PI to remove the selected PhACs. (2) Providing deep insights on the influence of operating parameters (such as pH, PI concentration, PhAC type and concentration, catalysts type and dosage, temperature and water matrix) (3) Modeling of the reaction mechanisms and pathways involved in the catalytic degradation of the selected PhACs using the developed advanced oxidation processes.
Date:1 Oct 2023 →  Today
Keywords:pharmaceuticals pollutants, wastewater treatment, periodate based advanced oxidation proce, biochar, single-atoms
Disciplines:(Waste)water treatment processes, Environmental technologies