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Decolonizing media discourses in the Philippines: representations of Chinese and Muslim minorities.

The hypothesis from which this project departs is that current representations of Chinese and Muslim minorities in the Philippine media resemble and are to an extent based on discourses forged during the colonial eras. We will examine this through an analysis of newspapers from three timeframes: (1) the end of the 19th century, (2) the period of the Commonwealth in the Philippines (1935-1942) and (3) the decolonization period (1946-1960). It will be later compared to contemporary media as examined by other projects. By exposing this connection we will contribute to studies on the coloniality of power in the contemporary Philippines and to contemporary decolonial movements both in the Philippines and Europe along with existing projects that will serve as platforms for dissemination: PhilPeriodicals and DigiPhiLit.
Date:1 Jan 2021 →  31 Aug 2022
Disciplines:History and philosophy of media and communication, Asian history, Spanish language, Postcolonial studies, Stylistics and textual analysis, Comparative study of regions