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Dataism, Disruption and Dichotomy

In the last few years, there have been very important developments in artificial intelligence and robotics (AI&R). Since AI&R in the future will gain even more importance, it seems appropriate to investigate a number of aspects related to philosophy of science, philosophy of technology and ethics, of this fourth industrial revolution. Three overarching questions can be formulated, that all can be traced back to the changing relation between man, society and technology, whereby technology by far not anymore valueneutral is:

1) what are the issues in philosophy of science in the seamless transition from big data to predictive/prescriptive/preemptive behaviour, as regards the type of data, the explainability of the algorithms, en the primacy of correlations?

2) to what extent do the current insights in philosophy of technology need to be updated? 

3) how does one need to address in an ethical and moral way, the concentration of datapower, the lack of transparancy en de vision of the future of humanity of the companies, active in the field ?

Investigating these questions can provide a better perspective in the further evolution of AI&R.

Date:1 Jun 2018  →  Today
Keywords:philosophy, artificial intelligence
Disciplines:General pedagogical and educational sciences, Communication sciences, Philosophy, Theory and methodology of philosophy, Other philosophy, ethics and religious studies not elsewhere classified, Ethics
Project type:PhD project