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A-DATADRIVE-B: Advanced Data-Driven Black-box modelling.

Making accurate predictions is a crucial factor in many systems (such as in modelling energy consumption, power load forecasting, traffic networks, process industry, environmental modelling, biomedicine, brain-machine interfaces) for cost savings, efficiency, health, safety and organizational purposes. In this project we aim at realizing a new generation of more advanced black-box modelling techniques for estimating predictive models from measured data. We will study different optimization modelling frameworks in order to obtain improved black-box models. This will be done by specifying models through constrained optimization problems and studying different candidate core models (parametric models, support vector machines and kernel methods) together with additional sets of constraints and regularization mechanisms. Different candidate mathematical frameworks will be considered. Several aspects that are relevant to black-box models will be studied including incorporation of prior knowledge, structured dynamical systems, tensorial data representations, interpretability and sparsity, and general purpose optimization algorithms. The methods should be suitable for handling large data sets and high dimensional input spaces. The final goal is also to realize a next generation software tool that can be generically applied to data from different application areas. The project A-DATADRIVE-B aims at getting end-users connected to the more advanced methods through a user-friendly data-driven black-box modelling tool.

Further information: https://www.esat.kuleuven.be/stadius/ADB/

Date:1 Apr 2012 →  31 Mar 2017
Keywords:Modelling, Data-driven
Disciplines:Computer hardware, Computer theory, Scientific computing, Other computer engineering, information technology and mathematical engineering