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D-PAC: from research project to spin-off.

This POC application enables D-PAC to start a successful spin-off. In the last four years, D-PAC was a IWT-SBO financed research project having two aims. Firstly, the method of comparative judgement for the assessment of competences was investigated. Secondly, a prototype tool needed to be developed that supports assessments using the principles of comparative judgement. Currently, theresearch project reaches the last phase, and the research group EduBROn can conclude that the method of comparative judgements has a sound scientific underpinning and many opportunities for implementation. Also, the number of D-PAC users increases, because the tool offers great value regarding high quality judgements and interesting learning applications. To transform the researchproject D-PAC to a successful spin-off, it is important to translate the current tool to a viable product for which users can and will pay. In addition, more effort is needed to develop a business plan, for which next to the Flemish educational market also the international educational market and other markets will be studied.Therefore, this project proposes four working packages. The first working package concerns the development of an algorithm server, which enables the use of the by D-PAC developed algorithms for comparative judgement in other platforms. The second working package focuses on the development of a Content Management System (CMS) for educational purposes. Based on four years ofexperience, this CMS can be developed according to the needs of end users in education in such a way that they shall be willing to pay for it. The third working package investigates the business model for education. This mainly concerns studying whether assumptions and strategies working for the Flemish context can be applied for the Dutch and international market as well. The fourth working package deals with a market investigation for other applications of D-PAC, as for example selection, prioritizing or training aims.
Date:1 Jun 2018  →  31 Oct 2019
Disciplines:Applied psychology, Education curriculum, Education systems, General pedagogical and educational sciences, Specialist studies in education, Other pedagogical and educational sciences