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Cryostat to generate cryo sections for the histology core of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

The consortium aims to acquire a novel cryostat to replace the existing, but partly broken device at the histology facility of the laboratory of Veterinary Morphology. With the new cryostat, the histology laboratory will remain a state of the art facility, able to ensure its current research service as histology facility at the faculty of Veterinary Medicine and beyond. Moreover, the cryostat will also ensure the continuation of our focus on developing spatial-omics methods to analyze RNA, DNA, proteins and small molecules in histological sections. A state of the art cryostat, which allows contamination free sectioning, is required for laser capture microdissection and for using ultrasensitive mass spectrometry in combination with imaging. These methods are available at the consortium partners and are embedded in existing core facilities, i.e. the center for advanced light microscopy and the MSsmall expertise center, ensuring the university wide usage of this equipment.

Date:15 Dec 2022 →  Today
Keywords:genomics, cryosections, small molecules, proteomics, spatial omics, transcriptomics, mass spectrometry, laser microdissection, histology
Disciplines:Veterinary anatomy, morphology and (clinical) pathology, Veterinary pharmacology and toxicology, Veterinary embryology, Small molecules, Veterinary oncology