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Cry-Probe: Probe station for Cryogenic and Vacuum measurements

In response to the rapidly increasing need for harsh environment electronics, the ADVISE Relylab at Geel Campus houses several highly specialized facilities for radiation hardness testing and characterization. The additional possibility to characterize radiation tolerant components under extreme  temperature conditions, would result in a huge added value: combined environmental effects as well as the impact of temperature cycling can be studied into detail.

The ADVISE research group therefore requests a cryogenic probe station with a closed cycle cryocooler. The addition of this infrastructure to the ADVISE Relylab increases the possibilities for testing of electronic components for space missions and other cryogenic applications.

Date:1 May 2020  →  Today
Keywords:cryogenic application, Smart sensors, Wireless communications, Semiconductor devices,, Analogue, RF
Disciplines:Smart sensors, Wireless communication and positioning systems, Semiconductor devices, nanoelectronics and technology, Analogue, RF and mixed signal integrated circuits