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Counterfactuals in the History of Greek: An Enriched Diachronic Typology using a Context-Sensitive Evolutionary Model.

This project analyses counterfactual constructions in the history of Ancient Greek (from 750BCE to 100CE). These counterfactuals are largely unstudied and more diverse in types than analysed before in linguistics. Previous research has yielded premature generalizations on the nature and evolution of counterfactuals. Therefore I will develop a quantifiable context-sensitive evolutionary model to provide an enriched diachronic typology of counterfactuals

Date:1 Oct 2019 →  1 Nov 2019
Keywords:Ancient Greek, usage-based approach, context-sensitive evolutionary model, grammaticalization, diachronic typology, collocation patterns, diachronic conceptual space, Counterfactual constructions, Common Ground, semantic map, evolutionary cycles
Disciplines:Linguistics not elsewhere classified, Language studies not elsewhere classified