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CORN- Comparative Rural History Network

The CORN Scientific Network aims to set up in-depth scientific collaboration in the field of comparative rural history in Europe. For several decades, Flanders has occupied a key position in studying and coordinating rural history. As in previous CORN-projects, the present project again focuses on the last millennium: the period between the take-off of the European economy in the classic middle ages and today, linking up with current debates and problems. However, whereas previous CORN-networks focused geographically on the North Sea Area, it is now time to expand the CORN comparative collaboration to other parts of Europe. Over the coming years, CORN aims to launch an ambitious new collaborative research project, which is meant to renew European Rural History. For this reason, a 'central' theme has been selected which is currently at the heart of research in both history and other social sciences. The theme that has been chosen is inequality. A historical approach to inequality allows to contextualize inequality and its evolving meaning for different groups and rural regions. Furthermore, it allows to go beyond the level of 'national statistics' on aggregate evolutions of inequality and it allows to reveal and explain the mechanisms which drive inequality. This collaborative project aims to remedy this gap, bringing together the core-specialists of social and economic history of European rural societies. The researchers involved in this network, not only embrace a joint research theme, but also a joint methodology, which can be characterized as 'comparative', 'social' and 'institutional'. During a period of five years, researchers will explore the theme of rural inequalities along nine working groups. Each working group is coordinated by a member of the CORN-steering committee. The UAntwerp team coordinates the theme "Urban Agriculture in European History: a Social Perspective"
Date:1 Jan 2017  →  Today
Disciplines:Other agriculture, forestry, fisheries and allied sciences, Economic history, Applied sociology, History
Project type:Collaboration project