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Controlling greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from municipal wastewatertreatment plants

This research aims at controlling the processes involved in wastewater treatment to reduce emissions of CH4 and N20. The main objectives are:

- to quantify the emissions(at lab-scale and full-scale)

- to identify the underlying mechanisms of GHG formation

- to translate this knowledge into a mathematical model

- the development and testing of adequate control strategies

Date:1 Feb 2012 →  31 Jul 2013
Keywords:wastewater treatment, methane (CH4), automation, modeling, greenhous gasses, nitrous oxide (N2O), biological nitrogen removal, process control
Disciplines:Information systems, Scientific computing, Visual computing, General chemical and biochemical engineering, Computer architecture and networks, Other (bio)chemical engineering, Theoretical computer science, Chemical product design and formulation, Information sciences, Separation and membrane technologies, Process engineering, Transport phenomena, Distributed computing, Applied mathematics in specific fields, Catalysis and reacting systems engineering, Other information and computing sciences, Programming languages