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The connection between government presence and local social quality. An investigation in the neigbourhouds of four Flemish cities

The central question this research this research project wants to answer concerns the relationship between the fysical presence of goverment in people's living invironement and the quality of social life. During the project a measuring instrument for goverment presence will be developed. The quality of social life will be measured using objective and subjective data.

Date:1 Oct 2007 →  1 Oct 2009
Keywords:social cohesion, social quality, government presence
Disciplines:Political organisations and institutions, Public administration, Other political science, Applied sociology, Social stratification, International and compartive politics, Political behaviour, Policy and administration, National politics, Political theory and methodology, Sociology of life course, family and health, Social psychology, Other sociology and anthropology, Citizenship, immigration and political inequality, Social theory and sociological methods, Social work, Multilevel governance, Other economics and business