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Conceptual Landscapes: Readership in the Expanded Field. (R-11734)

Artistic creation and research processes require the shaping of conditions in which the work can come about. Such invention of an artistic working method is a matter of staging or dramaturgy, which includes a heterogeneous collection of guiding images, materials, practices, embodied knowledge and cultural literacy in light of a research intuition. If we approach this matter specifically as a 'conceptual landscape', which particular ways of making, perceiving and reflecting does it afford? Not merely a space of thought and imagination, a conceptual landscape has concrete, material features and can have the traits of a landscape or garden or incorporate more idiosyncratic forms and imagery. In all cases it harbours a specific ecosystem of practices. In there, questions about material literacy, reflection and the production of meaning in art can be explored as pertaining to 'readership in the expanded field'. This research project addresses these matters through experimental writing in essay, artist's books and lecture-performances, artistic forms and media that challenge and expand familiar forms of readership.
Date:1 Nov 2020 →  Today
Keywords:Dramaturgy, Essay, Experimental writing
Disciplines:Creative writing , Dramaturgy, Performance, Performance art, Printmaking