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Comparison of Immediate versus Optional Delayed surgical repair for treatment of acute Anterior cruciate ligament injury

This is a pragmatic, multi-center, randomized controlled trial with two-arm parallel groups to compare surgical treatment (immediate reconstruction) and conservative treatment (rehabilitation + optional delayed surgery) in patients with an ACL rupture. During this trial, we aim to verify and improve the existing knowledge on the treatment of acute ACL injuries and create new insights about the predictive factors that may guide optimal decision-making on patient-level. The primary objectives of this study are (1) comparing the effectiveness of conservative treatment plus optional delayed surgery with immediate surgical repair and (2) investigating which clinical parameters can predict which patients of the conservative treatment-arm need a delayed ACL surgery because of prolonged instability. Moreover, it will be the first randomized trial investigating whether patient-specific factors could predict the successful outcome of conservative treatment on patient-level.

Date:27 Oct 2020 →  Today
Keywords:ACL reconstruction, RCT, ACL injury, Rehabilitation
Disciplines:Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation sciences
Project type:PhD project